Justice revisited. An excellent article re: Gary Zerola in BoMag.

A few years ago, we heard a lot of activity around accused and acquitted serial rapist (I’m trying to say he was acquitted here – alleged, accused, acquitted, so don’t parse my words!), Gary Zerola.

Many people weigh in on the status of Zerola, the fundraiser, charmer, survivor of a sad childhood. They also weigh in on his dark side. It’s a well-written article by David Copeland and since I’ve received quite a few emails from some of his alleged victims, I thought we’d revisit it via this article, courtesy of Boston Magazine.

Enjoy and comment. As you know, you can always post here anonymously without fear of retribution as long as you keep it without racial slurs or personal attacks of a false nature. I want this to be a safe haven.


  1. This was indeed an excellent article.

    This dude reminds me of the Preppie murderer- good looking bad boy.

    I get very angry when I hear people use their “unfortunate” childhoods as an excuse to commit crimes. It pisses me off. I don't rape people just because I was sexually abused as a child- what gives him the right to rape people because his mother abandoned him?

    And I also love all the stupid bimbos who hang all over him like a flock of pigeons…. oh no…. he couldn't do anything like that… he's a lawyer, he's this, he's that.

    My adult rape was by a lawyer. He raped. Not once, but twice. And while I shudder to think about it, I know there are more.

    They think they are too smart and too cool for school and can get away with it. Their arrogance makes me want to puke

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