Mary Winkler regains custody of her children.

I’m basically opening the floor to everyone on this one. I know that my Frank “TJ” Mackey contingent will be mad, but it is what it is. If one follows the verdict and the sentencing, Mary Winkler, who shot and killed her husband, pastor Matthew Winkler, is getting her kids back. Many were outraged at her short sentence and she is viewed as the standard for mens’ rights activists who say women get sentences that are way too short. I have to personally disagree – I think there are some men and woman whose sentences are not equitable given their crimes and has nothing to do with her being a woman. My rapist – 5 and 1/2 months served of a 10 year sentence imposed. Go figure. Aileen “Monster” Wuornos? Death penalty. You see where I’m headed.

Say what you will about the deceased (apparently, not a nice guy), she did kill him and admitted it. However, I think what the court determined is that she was not a danger to her children and that her children indeed wanted to be reunited with their mother. Um, and PS – awkward alert – they’ve been living with the dead man’s parents, who, by the way, tried to block supervised visits with the girls. This can’t be good news for them. That must have been quite the handover. Gulp.

Seriously, Frank “TJ” Mackey was the only great character Tom Cruise ever played.


  1. Anonymous says

    I still think it’s a slippery slope that the justice system set foot on. First, they became lenient on rape case, since they are so numerous. Now, as “reparation”, they become lenient on woman who fight back. They will be lenient on what next?I don’t feel it’s right, at least, I don’t think women are gaining anything. Which is strange because since women are the majority, and the US is a democratic republic, they should carve better deals for themselves.Bien à vous,Alexandre

  2. In America, a wife can shoot her husband in the back with a shotgun, kill him and then get 12 days in jail and her kids back. What’s the difference between this and Muslin “honor” killings except for gender?

  3. Anon #1: agreedAnon #2: I think there’s a big difference. What made the Winkler case so compelling, which I’ve pointed out, is that she did receive so little time, which shocked many. But it’s never that cut and dried. I do agree that the children go back to her as that is what they wanted, according to reports and because she was never a threat to the kids. She and Matthew Winkler had an awful relationship, in which case, divorce is the answer, not manslaughter. The Winkler sentence is the exception, as I’ve pointed out in the post. Also, Muslim honor killings are quite different, in my opinion – the basis for a Muslim honor killing is so antiquated and barbaric to our rights as citizens that we can’t even begin to understand it.

  4. Here’s a story for you: prepared, it’ll break your heart.

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