Morgan Harrington update

I never like when law enforcement goes “radio silent” on a case, but usually it’s because a) they haven’t got anything new to report or b) they do and they need to keep it from the public while they continue to piece together the investigation. They owe us, the public, nothing and while I know many folks are angry about the lack of information about Morgan’s disappearance, The Hook, a fantastic Charlottesville weekly, has done the best job of covering the story.

Kudos to Courteney Stuart, an editor of the Hook, for her outstanding reporting. Please read this article about what some witnesses are saying.

We pray for the safe return of Morgan to her family and friends. So many unanswered questions.

1) are there any photos of her that night?
2) is there any surveillance video from JPJ Arena?
3) Why is the University of Virginia choosing to remain silent about the case?
4) have the sex offenders in the area been questioned about that night?

Given the massive amount of blog commentary, Courteney has indeed done her homework, though it seems hard to get quite a few of them to stay on topic.


  1. I think I read this article before, and it is, excellent.

    I think whatever footage they have, the police are not releasing, which in my own experince in legal bullshit, I understand, but decline to agree with.

    UVA after you… admist all the other complaints… why they haven't woken the f up is utterly beyond me. I just don't get it.

    What truly bothers me about this case are the witnesses- those who knew something was wrong and did nothing, and those who know more but won't speak.

    I know how hard this hits home for you. I am praying for you and for Morgan.

  2. Mrs. Seccuro, you should watch Once Upon a Coup. You deserve a good appraisal of the kind of radar this Beebe imbecile has put himself and you on!

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