Nujood Ali, the child bride heroine of Yemen, has died in childbirth.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the outcome of this story. I had blogged about it a while back and the outcome is tragic. Twelve-year-old Nujood, raped by her husband, was impregnated and died in childbirth. Her child also died.

I call upon any human rights group to fix this. Amnesty International? Save the Children? Someone?

Rest in peace, baby girl.


  1. For record, I want to state that the People's Republic of China steadfastly refuses to involve itself, in any way, in the internal affairs of another nation…

  2. HORRID… Just awful. Obmama needs to fix this.

  3. alright eric holder(Uncle Holder), i know u and ur justice joke dept. are using this site as a cut out!come out, come out where ever u are! stop playing hide and seek like 3rd graders…
    u and Uncle Obama have some skeletons left behind by the bushies and clintons…
    it's going to get a good h1n1 all over the net…

  4. I just watched your story on Dateline: Real Life Mysteries. I wanted to tell you how inspiring and satisfying I found it to be. My mother was sexually assaulted by her brother for many years and, three decades later, has still never received any form of apology or justice from her family. With so many sexual crimes going unreported and criminals unconvicted, it was wonderful to see a story such as yours. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Alright Tungchee Hwa,
    What do you think about the case of Jodi Huisentruit? Amazing how she vanished at the same time Hosni Mubarak was almost assissinated. I think the Sudanese
    were involved in his near death. Who do you think might have something to do with Jodi Huisentruit?

  6. those skeletons include susan taraskiewicz. she also worked for northwest airlines, like jodi huisentrut.
    two women are dead and no justice. this a site encouraging people to speak out…?

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