Oh my gosh! Sunny von Bulow is dead after 28 year coma.

More on this later. So much to say. While Claus was convicted of attempted murder, it was overturned on appeal. He was then acquitted.

Since there’s no double jeopardy in attempted murder, can he now be tried for her murder? Are those charges the State can now bring or is it beating a dead horse. Much more on Sunny, Claus and the whole shooting match later. Hurry up and get “Reversal of Fortune” before Netflix runs out! Somewhere, Dominick Dunne is sharpening his pencils for Vanity Fair.


  1. i saw “Reversal of Fortune” when it first came out, for which jeremy irons won the best actor oscar for his portrayal of claus von bulow, but i think it was ron silver’s performance as von bulow’s prominent well-renowned attorney, alan dershowitz, who, imo, “made” the movie! i’m surprised ron wasn’t even nominated for an oscar!i’m not an attorney, but i’m pretty sure that claus von bulow cannot be prosecuted for sunny’s death becuz of double jeopardy, becuz, hypothetically speaking, to try him again would involve trying what is known in the law as the “same or similar facts or circumstances” that were tried in the original case. in other words, except for sunny’s death, all the other facts and circumstances of the case are still the same.MARIO

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