One year later – the Oklahoma schoolgirl shootings.

What many lay people don’t understand in many cases is that you can have a great deal of evidence (circumstantial and otherwise) but still be unable to prosecute a case. What seems obvious to many as “open and shut” is anything but and DAs take great care to only prosecute winnable cases. This is difficult for families of victims waiting for an arrest, but is truly the best way of our justice system. No one wants a jury asking for redirection on reasonable doubt and letting a perp go.

The case of the 2 murdered schoolgirls in Oklahoma is a sad, terrifying and frustrating case, but I agree with the spokeswoman who says the are close, but need one more piece of evidence. The public is always looking for the cause/effect nature of crime – “was she drinking? what was she wearing? why was he walking alone at night?” and the like. Cause/effect does not matter in cases of crime. The victims are not to blame. What could possibly be the motive for someone (perhaps 2 people) to slaughter these innocents?

May the parents of these two little girls find the strength they need. It is absolutely frustrating – someone knows and they aren’t talking. They don’t have to.


  1. AWFUL. I know from my own situation- they never want to go forward unless they can win. It's very frustrating. This must be gut renching for these little girls families.

    I simply do not understand- and this is someone who has been through Manhattan SVU- why more legislation has not been implemented in cases of date/acqauiatance rape when involving drugs or alchohol. My situation did not and makes no difference- but just from what I read, it seems to me that unless the victim ends up brutally murdered- it is only then that they go out for the kill.

    If you are just at a dorm party or out at a bar and you drank too much and your perps are not Police officers that can land the prosecution headlines… well, then, my experience with their attitude has been… He said, she said. If you can't make me famous, I don't care.

    Cynical- but I'm only speaking from what I see where I live.

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