Phil Spector – Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder – 3rd time is charm.

So, the mighty Phil Spector, with a long history of terrorizing women and a gallery of fabulous hairstyles, was convicted of the 2nd degree murder of Lana Clarkson, who was found in his entryway with a gunshot to her mouth. Spector’s team argued it a suicide. Of course, the fact that Spector came running out of the house and said to his valet “I think I just killed someone” could not have boded well.

The jury took 30 hours to deliberate – usually guilty verdicts are quicker. I am amazed by the strength of Lana’s family during these 3 trials. The Judge remanded Spector, instead of allowing him to remain free on bail until his sentencing on May 26.

I feel that justice has been served here. What are your thoughts on the Spector verdict?


  1. liz,

    i cannot believe that this case dragged on for so many years as it did. i’m certainly not faulting his defense attorneys–after all, it’s their job to try to get him off. i’m just glad it’s over and justice had finally been done.


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