“Purse parties”? Save your money and buy the real deal.

These women are really not comprehending their actions as the sweatshops and organized crime involved in producing masses of fake luxury handbags, sunglasses, etc. might give them pause. Or do they know what they’re doing? The next time you venture to Canal Street, buy on eBay or go to a “purse party” – that’s the first I have heard of this, think to yourself: do I want a tacky fake (that has implications down the line and endangers lives), or would I rather work hard and buy the real thing, which will last for years?

I would rather have 3 nice bags than 20 crappy (fake) ones. But tell that to middle American girls, who have been made to believe we all live life like “Sex in the City” and have Prada and Louis Vuitton pouring from our perfect California Closets.

Can you believe they make over $200K in some cases? Do they represent the bags as authentic? Can you believe the sentencing guidelines? Discuss. PS – that’s me at Court. With a Jimmy Choo Theola Ramona. It has lots of buckles and straps to play with when you’re nervous and it’s huge enough to carry all of your troubles. It also started “handbag-gate” – my regular readers will know what I mean.


  1. Tom Delay was on ABC NEWS last night.Brian Ross is doing another “follow the money” series for the RNC convention.He was pals with Jack Abramoff and their endeavour to run sweatshops in Guam by calling it free-market economics.Last week Brian Ross showed how the Dems were living high on the hog.Why is it that these stories don’t surprise me one bit?I know you don’t get into poltics and don’t blame you for it.However, nothing will change without revealing the abuses of power on both the left and the right.On another note:Good luck with your new kid!

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