R.I.P. George Weber

If you’re going to blame the victim on this one, please don’t.

I’ve been saying Craigslist is a bad idea for some time now. Beloved radio newscaster George Weber was found stabbed 50 times in his Brooklyn home, naked from the waist down and with his ankles duct taped together. Seems he, like many people, was looking for an anonymous trick on Craigslist and a 16 year old murderer showed up.

My point is this. This blog is about crime and justice, not judgement. George was a kind man, a friend to those who loved him and a terrific newsman. That he chose to get his jollies anonymously is no one’s business. He did not deserve to die. He was an adult doing adult things.

Are they going to find porn and stuff on his computer? Yes. Did the 16 year old confess to killing him in a haze of drugs? Yes. Will his defense attorney make HIM out to be the victim? Uh, yes. Face it – he wanted $80 and in a meth/coke haze, killed Mr. Weber.

Why did he bring a weapon to the “date”? Thoughts?

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