Retail Spotlight Friday – a tad belated – join the fold.

Kayaking is something that I occasionally enjoy – especially on the ocean or in the harbors of the East End, like Three Mile or Accabonac. Mr. Notranting is hooked, though and, thus, I go along. He can’t share my surfing thing, but I can do this with him. While searching high and low for a great gift for him, I was torn between a rowing scull and a kayak, thinking the kayak too bulky to transport. That’s when I discovered folding kayaks by Folbot. By the way, they are featured in this month’s Town & Country magazine as well.

Basically, Folbot is the leader in folding kayaks – if you’re an adventurer and want to transport your gear anywhere, these things fold into one or two lightweight bags that you throw in your car or check at the airport (ugh). They are extraordinarily well-made, lightweight and great for spur of the moment adventures. I have ordered Mr. Notranting The Edisto and it is all I can do to not ruin the surprise. Folbot’s site is terrific to look at, with great photos from other ‘bots, a plant tour, a message board/community, a cool blog and wonderful gear. Based in one of my favorite cities, Charleston, SC, Folbot is true craftmanship for the sports enthusiast. Not to mention, I enjoy anything these days that is “slow” or hand-made and not mass produced. Trust me, I’ll be happy to get back in a kayak soon! Enjoy!

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