Retail Spotlight Friday – ooh, ooh, that smell!

My good friend Meredith owns the gorgeous and fabulous New York floral and decor design firm, Belle Fleur. She’s a wonderful talent, awesome girl, mom and wife. And that’s not why I am featuring this today. As a logical outflow from her bouquets (a favorite of such luminaries as Anna Wintour, Salma Hayek and Gilles Mendel), home scents made sense!

If you are a candle addict, as am I, you will love her candles. Packaged beautifully and thoughtfully in aqua and chocolate croc-embossed boxes with the matches already in there (!), the candles come in gorgeous chocolate brown glass containers and there are many choices. You can buy online here, or at your nearest Anthropologie, Barney’s or other retail store.

I’m a fan of Jasmine Verbena, among others. The great thing about Belle Fleur candles is that they fill the room with scent immediately and burn cleanly. Get yourself some today!

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