Retail Spotlight Friday – where, oh where is the BlackBerry Bold?

My BlackBerry is a clunky, yet beloved dinosaur – the BB has no GPS, very limited WiFi and, get this, a trackwheel and not a trackball. It also has no camera. Can you imagine? I have been marching into the store once a week, asking for the new one. The new one – the BlackBerry Bold (watch the video). I am not an iPhone fan, simply because I love my iPod. I know, so silly. Also, as a long-term BlackBerry customer, I actually get a free upgrade. My phone is so totally busted right now, however, they’ve pushed back the debut from July to September 1. Aargh! At least our neighbors in Canada have theirs. So pretty!

It has 5 interchangeable color backscreens, great speakers, GPS and a host of great features. Please, I can stay addicted to criminal justice news and find the perfect cupcake shop in a flash. If you don’t know which smartphone to get, consider jumping on the BBB bandwagon. $300-500 with plan.

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