Roman Polanski still in Swiss jail.

You know my feelings on this. Extradition could take a very long time given Swiss extradition laws, but he will not be released so that he may live under house arrest in his Gstaad home.

As for the many in Hollywood, lining up to defend him: Scorsese, Winger, Allen, Ratner, Evans, Beatty, Weinstein, Adjani,, I don’t believe that their view of his artistic genius should impact the severity of the charges. Simply because one is a) talented, b) survived the horrors of the Holocaust and c) lived through a grave personal tragedy does not mean he goes free.

Let’s not even discuss Whoopi Goldberg’s “that wasn’t ‘rape-rape'” comment. It’s too stupid to give any time here. Feeding a child drugs and alcohol, then penetrating her vaginally, orally and anally while she begged for it to stop, is rape. Rape. Rape.

What if Sharon Tate’s killer had been set free? Would Mr. Polanski have found that okay? No. Nor would anyone else. I guess what I’m saying is that the moral depravity of some in the Hollywood community is shocking. Well, maybe not.


  1. liz,

    i couldn't agree more! there is NO excuse for polanski's actions–NONE, regardless of the suffering he's gone thru in his life or that he's talented, which is totally irrelevant!

    he must be held accountable for his actions the same as anyone else! he's not entitled to any special treatment or privileges!

    i like whoopi, but her “its not rape-rape” remark is ludicrous and regrettable!


  2. look on the huffypost for today. gore vidal says that we are picking on polanski because he's jewish. so if you are jewish and were persecuted by the nazis and happen to be a brilliant film director, you can drug and rape some poor girl? if you're held to account for that, then it is because of anti-semitism?
    where is joseph heller when we need him? i miss him so much!

  3. Oh, agreed, ANON. I am an avid HuffPo reader and if you see my point “b”, that's sort of where I was going. I will say this: Elie Wiesel (a prominent Jew) said he could never forgive Bernie Madoff (also a Jew) for what he did to him and his foundation. I think Elie Wiesel is one of the most heroic and elegant men in history.

    Gore Vidal needs a strong cup of “oh please” right now. Interestingly enough, the Vidal family is again relevant because the current movie, “Amelia”, features Ewan McGregor playing Gene Vidal, Amelia Earhart's open marriage paramour and, natch, father of Gore.

    Yes, we need Joseph Heller back! Well played.

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