Sick T-shirt (and even dumber model agreeing to smile and get paid).

Well – this is fabulous. Tell me, everyone, do you see these on college campuses everywhere? I don’t. I wonder what the sales figures are. I am not surprised that Todd lives his three dogs.

While we’re on topic, check out the other offensive T-shirts (and desperate models who obviously have no idea what they’re selling)David & Goliath are selling. Everyone should be offended by this. It’s not a feminist issue. Just one of dignity, good taste, common sense.

Feel free to write to these fine citizens here to be heard (or ignored).


  1. Liz,Oh hell no. David & Goliath has their office right down the road from where I work. They are currently in the midst of building a new, huge distribution center. I was sort of interested in stopping there sometime because of their “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” kind of humor, but now that I know they’re putting out this kind of crap… I’ll be sure to flip them off every time I drive by. I’ll even give them a double bird on your behalf.Best,Erin

  2. Once again, full disclosure, I was given a tee shirt that says “Boys are stupider, send them to Jupiter” by a supporter. a) I am so not anti-boys and b) it doesn’t fit, but I did chuckle. Did you see the link? Such messy messy things for girls to wear.All I can think of is today’s camera phones and YouTube and some poor survivor having one of them on and the Defense using it against them. Boycott David & Goliath. Surely they have enough cute merchandise without ACTUALLY PROMOTING RAPE – which is what they’re doing. Thanks, E! You are always in the know! xoxo

  3. Liz,I did look at the link, and once I saw the “She’s a whore” t-shirt I got disgusted and closed the window. It’s sad because some of their shirts are really cute and funny. But they had to go a ruin it with offensive crap like that. I will absolutely boycott them.Always in the know, or surrounded by idiots? That is the question. 🙂Best,Erin

  4. I personally think that those t-shirt are tacky. I don’t know how there trying to appeal because it not at all attractive.I just don’t know why any body would where this across there chest.puzzled….Cna anyone answer that one for me??

  5. Because, Ashtin, some people are simply uninformed and find humor in things that are really harmful. I am all for rude humor, but not when it victimizes anyone – man, woman or child. You’d have to be challenged in some way to wear this at school, right?

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