So much to say on this that I’ve avoided it. Let’s hope the DNA database works.

RIP, JonBenet and Patsy. Peace may be coming to you both.

Interestingly enough, one of the witnesses (one of the few really good guys in the investigation who was willing to get on a plane and testify)in my case is very good friends with the new Boulder D.A.

What are your thoughts on the JonBenet mystery? Bungled? Still a shadow on the parents? The perfect crime? I’m exhausted just thinking of it as I have a little girl who looks rather like her and I cannot fathom this pain and lack of closure. There was a tale running around Atlanta that John Ramsey was molesting his daughter (and had his older daughter), that Patsy walked in on it and, in a jealous fit of rage, killed JonBenet. Can you imagine?

I’m just saying. In ATL, that was the predominant theory among Police. It in NO way reflects our opinion, but I thought it provocative enough to blog about as now, that is obviously not the case. Brother Burke also fell under a great deal of suspicion. Let’s see what the databank can get us. Hold on for a bumpy ride. This isn’t over.


  1. This one has always been a super tough one for me. Everytime I suspected the mother, or maybe a cover up for some freak accident, there was always something new coming up that made me doubt their involvement.My general conclusion after this news and has been for some time, is that they were not involved.However, and I feel very guilty and judgemental for saying this but it’s honest… I think it’s wrong to allow your five year old little girl to parade around in beauty pagents dressing like a 25 year old and wearing more make up than Tammy Faye Baker. This is by no means to suggest her murder was her mother’s fault or that she was a bad mother who didn’t love her child, but I do think that allowing children to participate in those types of events opens the door to expose them to greater risk of danger from these sexually sadistic predators. I think pagent judges and people who run these shin digs also have a responsibility where if they are going to have these comepetitions, at least mandate guidelines for costumes and acts to be AGE- APPROPRIATE. 5 Year olds should not be allowed to prance around like they are Gypsy Rose Lee. And I am not saying anything about this particular case and it’s circumstances that anyone has not said in the past ten years… I’m just saying…I of course also say rest in peace Patty and Jon Benet, and am sad that neither of them are alive to see vindication for their surviving family.

  2. liz,i don’t understand why it took almost *12 years* to finally clear the ramsey family.if, by now, after almost 12 years, the killer hasn’t been apprehended or even identified, then, sad to say, she/he probably probably never will be, and therefore will never be brought to justice.needless to say, i hope i’m wrong about that.MARIO

  3. michele,back then, i too suspected the ramsey family. i think a lot of people did. i just couldn’t figure out a motive as to *why* they would have killedl her.i now believe that she was probably killed by a burglar. i can’t think of any other plausible explanation.MARIO

  4. Now it is time to do something positive and get “Katie’s Law ( passed in every state–not just the eleven that it has.Leslie Bloss

  5. Leslie:Thanks so much for the link to Katie’s Law. We appreciate it so much and will be following along!

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