The awful murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

Okay – I want to thank Anonymous for bringing this case to light. I had never heard of it in my life and, due to the horrific nature of this crime, I am rather nonplussed that the media has not covered this at all.

I’ll roll it down briefly, but click here for the details. It is simply the most heinous and brutal crime I have read about in recent years. Channon and Christopher went on a dinner date, were carjacked, then brutalized and murdered in ways I cannot describe here. I pray for these poor souls hourly.

It seems that many folks believe, because the perps are black and the victims white, that this is a “hate crime”. You know what? I don’t care what color anyone is – this is a hate crime. The points being made – “where is the Al Sharpton here?”, etc., certainly ring true in that there is no “white” activist as vocal or outspoken as Sharpton. At the end of the day, I am color blind when it comes to crime. I want to know what was going through these perps heads when they did these unspeakable things to the victims.

I call upon the national media to cover this story, not as a racially charged one, but to do honor to the victims, whose lives were cut short in the most horrible ways possible. My prayers to the families. I don’t think I would survive this had it been my child. No way.



  1. I am shocked that this hasn’t gotten more attention… Just shocked. But, It’s so heinous, maybe the family can’t bear to draw more attention to it. I don’t know.

    But racial smacial… CRIME IS CRIME. Black, white, Green, Purple, Gay, or straight people rape, murder, and molest people.
    It’s not about race. It’s about violence. Violence does not discriminate on race or gender. Anyone is capable of it. I mean hello- Sandra Cantu? And her ugh… “ALLEGED” killer is a Sunday School Teacher. SO THE F-WHAT?

    I love how in the link you posted it claims these two people were killed in a random act of violence. What a choice of words to trivialize motivation for violence. I suppose my rape and your rape were “random” too. PLEASE.

  2. liz,

    i agree that if the races of the victims and perps had been reversed, i.e., black victims, white perps, then the case would have gotten national media attention becuz of the heinous and brutal nature of the crime.

    whether the crime is a hate crime in that it the victims were targeted becuz of their race remains to be determined by the evidence, but in any case the crime itself is unspeakably heinous and sadistic. i didn’t think human beings were capable of such inhumanity and barbarism.

    it was not just a crime, but an atrocity against humanity itself.


  3. I bought it up here.

    I went on a trip to Bristol, and saw about the case in the local (Tenn) paper. When I got home that weekend I looked it up on the net and was shocked.

    There’s countless links about it, but none are national. I think its sad when you read about something insignificant, like who a star is dating, but when something this terrible happens you don’t hear a peep.

    Like Liz said, their parents must be going through a living Hell. they have to go to 5 trials, I don’t know if I could make it.

  4. The wiki link does this crime no justice, there are better ones. Too brief IMO. Im not going into details but they made her watch as they raped, and killed him, what they did to her was about a million times worse.

  5. i’m a retired semi-professional–nonsexual/nonviolent–criminal.i’ve been locked up with some hardened criminals of all races and colors who would find this crime to be morally repulsive.i know i’m a bad guy, but there is a ceratin “honor among thieves” where if u do something of this nature, u just won’t be around long.they’ll get rid of u quick.

  6. I agree w/ Anonymous. These guys won’t last in jail. Thanks for posting and keep following.

  7. Melissa R. says

    I agree with Mario i.e. it’s an atrocity against humanity itself. How has the media not picked up this case?

    I hurt so much for these two. I know life can be cruel, but this kind of sadism seems hard to even fathom.

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