The Craigslist Killer

The Boston area has been terrorized by a killer (tall, blonde, clean-shaven, well dressed) who meets women through Craigslist who offer erotic services. In this economy, people do turn to extreme measures to make ends meet, so I don’t want to hear about blaming the victims. He has assaulted 2 women and killed one and he’s still on the loose, possibly moving from Boston to another major city. The profilers and cops cannot seem to get a good handle on this guy. Please look at the reports and see if you recognize the guy.

That said, nothing good can really come from Craigslist. I logged on to do a little investigating and had NO IDEA people posted nude photographs on there. I mean, really. If I am looking date someone, a picture of a penis is not really telling me much. Stay with “walks on the beach, movies, fine dining, museums”. Seriously, I almost spit my drink onto my computer screen.

I’m sorry – I digress. Murder is no laughing matter. If you choose to meet someone on Craigslist, tell a friend where you are going, who you are meeting and bring your phone. Better yet, bring the friend. Best – don’t use Craigslist unless you need to sell furniture.

UPDATE: Phillip Markoff was arrested and charged. Today, new charges for him. When the case first broke, his wedding registry was STILL online and I was appalled at the hateful messages sent to his fiancee. Imagine what she is going through?


  1. I saw this all over the weekend as well as the survilenance video of the “alleged” suspect.

    I don’t judge people in these times either- My therapist was commenting in the paper recently how he sees many female clients who have gone from jobless to topless.

    Regardless- one’s profession does not ever make an excuse for rape or murder.

    Craigslist has always been racy and given me the creeps. I think people use it cause it so much because it’s casual and free.

    But after seeing this, I have serious concerns about now whether any internet dating is safe- E harmony? Match? Chemistry? I mean they may have higher rules and regulations and code of conduct, but can they guarantee your safety that someone using it is not a psycho?

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