Two female inmates in Oklahoma raped working at Governor’s mansion.

This is a terrible story of the rape of two inmates on work detail at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion. What makes it awful is that the suspects were merely fired and no charges are being brought against them, although it is clear the women were raped.

Are incarcerated people just not considered part of of society? What do you think?


  1. Rape is rape- drunk, stoned, prostitute, sober or incarcerated. PERIOD

  2. Isn't the expression “rape is rape” a tautology? I don't think there's any doubt that rape is rape. The issue is whether this or any particular incident is rape.

    By the way, Liz, did you ever do a blog entry on John Grisham's novel “The Associate”? It is very clearly a fictional representation of your case mixed with elements of the false rape accusations made against those poor Duke Lacrosse players. I'm sure someone with your gargantuan ego would enjoy a book written about you. O and by the way, the book seems to come to the same conclusion as I have about your case. Art imitates life?

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