Unexpected windfall for Jay McInerney,

If you grew up in the 80s, as I did, you spent a lot of time reading “Lit Pack” authors Jay McInerney, Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz, whose nightly exploits at the Odeon in TriBeCa were legendary. They made James Frey look like a preschooler taking a juice and graham cracker break. Anyhoo – I am not going to comment at all on the John Edwards scandal. I’m not surprised, I’m not shocked, I am sorry for his wife, I never trusted “Mr. End Poverty” with his $400 haircut (seriously, what man needs a $400 haircut?), but at the end of the day, powerful and not so powerful men sleep around. It’s wrong, but it is what it is and I cannot pretend to get caught up in it. I feel for Elizabeth, I do – she should be mightily mad and I doubt he told her. He’s lying about it in the smarmiest way, so just don’t ever vote for him (as if he can run again). And I totally think the child is his. Enough about that. It has nothing to do with anything but American hypocrisy and Puritanical craziness.

Anyway, according to the New York Post, the mistress, Rielle Hunter, “has had other famous boyfriends, including author Jay McInerney, who has said he based the promiscuous character in his 1988 novel, “Story of My Life,” on Hunter. Boosted by the scandal, the novel is out of stock after shooting up to No. 470 on Amazon.com’s best-seller list – prompting its publisher to print another 2,500 copies.”

The character’s name is Alison Poole and I pictured her much differently! Good for Jay. I see him in Greenwich, I see him and the kids in East Hampton. People give him so much grief for who he is. I don’t know him. He writes lovely books about wine now and is married to heiress Anne Hearst. Let’s hope he keeps it together!


  1. liz,i believe that infidelity is a married couple’s private business, including married couples who are public figures. several men who are considered great leaders cheated on their wives, e.g., FDR, Ike, and Martin Luther King.for me there are complicating factors: 1)the paternity of the baby: i too, have a gut feeling that the baby is john’s; and 2)whether john paid reille hunter hush money with campaign funds, which would be against the law.mario

  2. Oh, indeed, I think the idea that campaign funds were possibly used in this deception is the only reason it’s germane. Americans have far too Puritanical a streak. I believe in monogamy personally, but I know the realities. That said, Carla Bruni (love her!) seems to have tamed Nicolas Sarkozy and settled in after initial bad press.Hubris shows that men of great power are also men of great weakness and while I feel terribly for Edward’s wife and children, I know that it really doesn’t bear on a person’s ability to serve their country. He already had those issues!Oh, I totally thing the baby is his. How in Sam Hill does Rielle Hunter have a $3 million home? I believe she lives near you these days!

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