UVM coke ring head, fraternity president, sentenced, no longer BMOC.

I have lots of college-aged friends. Cocaine is HUGE again, just like in the 80s and 90s. It’s, like, so “Less Than Zero”, they tell me. It’s also an evil insidious drug that ruins lives and futures and promise.

That said, this guy got 70 months. Fraternity rapist? 5 months (and that’s the one I know of – so many walking free, I cannot begin to tell you).

This speaks directly to the point I was making about how manditory drug sentencing is overfilling our prisons and keeping dangerous offenders out on the street. We need more prisons and we had better be prepared to pay for them if we want our kids to be safe and the right offenders behind bars. It’s all about appropriateness. Relative to a coke dealer, a rapist should not serve a tiny fraction of the dealer’s sentence, but the Fed says it’s so. A coke dealer certainly hurts himself, but those buyers don’t have a gun held to their heads. He’s being a businessman.



  1. liz, i think countries should follow portugal’s lead: in 2001, portugal decriminalized ALL drugs as a way of managing drug-related problems, and it has proven successful.here’s the link: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/03/14/portugal/print.htmlMARIO

  2. Mario:Fantastic link. Totally agreed, on my part. Very successful way to manage. Clearly, drugs are not good, but we’ve reached epic failure proportions in the way we look at sentencing structures here in America.

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