Way to Go, Erie County Corrections! Human Error frees criminal who then rapes.

People always ask why I question the system. We hear a lot about “The Innocence Project” and not enough about these cases where wrongfully freed criminal offend. My own rapist was misclassified in prison, according to reliable sources and was let out early. Why? Sometimes it’s human error and sometimes, if you are a model prisoner without a record, we need to make room for the overcrowding caused by the new manditory drug sentences in America. When a jail is at 150% capacity, it’s easier to let out the guy who has “found God” and said “he’s sorry”, regardless of the severity of the victims’ families protests. We wonder why they then reoffend because the chain lengthens – there aren’t enough probation and parole officers interested in monitoring white, non-career criminal types and sometimes, this is an epic fail ending with someone raped, dead, tortured. This is all because of the manditory drug sentencing and our nation’s Puritanical look at some of the more benign drug crimes. I am talking about marijuana. The methheads need to go straight to prison.

I’m not pro-drug. I am pro-common sense. Until we wake up, build more prisons, get charged for them and do away with 10 year sentences for pot possession, sex offenders and killers are going to get out sooner than they should.

That said, here we have a genius at the Erie County Corrections Facility. God help these people.

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