We have lost one of the greats. R.I.P.

What most people don’t know, in addition to the wry sense of humor, the legendary talent and the true, loving and devoted marriage is that Paul Newman, in our most beautiful corner of the world, was a kind and decent human.

His work with childrens’ camps, his multimillion dollar all for charity food business, his dedication to preserving the environment and his support of local talent (sustainable food pioneers, restauranteurs, actors and directors at the Playhouse) are what made him our hero.

I have fond memories, when I worked in sales and marketing at the Hay-Adams Hotel in DC, that Mr. Newman used to stay with us. At 5 in the morning, guests would complain of a “pounding” noise. After much consternation and searching, we found it was Mr. Newman, who would rise early, put on shorts and sneakers and run up and down the stairs of the hotel, creating quite the ruckus. He also famously plunged that gorgeous face in ice water each morning, claiming that it kept him young. He even wore a snorkel while doing so! I’ve borrowed that trick.

Rumors persisted in recent months of his ill health; rumors brushed off by the man himself and his team. He went quietly, with grace and dignity, at his farmhouse in Westport, surrounded by family, friends and his beloved Joanne. We will miss you and the example of fine living you set.



  1. liz,i wasn’t a fan of paul newman the actor; rather, i admired him for his humanitarian work and for his political views! in fact, there was speculation in the 80s that he would run for the senate here in calif., but it never happened!having said that, The Sting is one of the greatest movies of all time, and he should have won an oscar for his performance The Verdict, which i consider his greatest performance ever, and he probably would have won, if it hadn’t been for Ben Kingsley’s classic performance in Gandhi! but i’m glad that he finally did win an oscar for The Color of Money!i knew he had been fighting a losing battle against cancer for quite some time, so his death did not come as a surprise to me, but i’m no less saddened, becuz the world is now poorer becuz of his passing!mario

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