Well, let’s get this loophole closed. How hard can this be?

So, day care facilities and summer camps hiring workers cannot get access to any out-of-state criminal records of potential employees. Good job. Nice. So, pedophiles can live near schools and parks, aren’t closely watched by parole/probation, can sometimes have Facebook and MySpace profiles and clearly use Craigslist to find their prey. How about using the Internet for good, rather than helping to PUSH these people to find new victims?

How to solve this one? Hello – lawmakers? Hello?


  1. Any facility providing child care should have access to any criminal records of potential employees. I would never send my child to any place where the staff has not been cleared. Hell- I don't even think I'd let the teenage next door neighbor babysit my kid without checking them out firt. This is just common sense. Add to your list of things to lobby in DC!

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