Wowza – woman fined $1.9 million for illegal download of 24 songs.

On this blog, we usually highlight cases involving kidnapping, rape, murder and the like. It’s not light reading, but most of all, we talk about our perceptions, the sentences, etc.

I think this judge went too far, but I also believe everyone should pony up their 99 cents to iTunes.

Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Minnesota was fined $80,000 PER SONG
for her illegal downloads. The RCAA is pleased with the judgement. I’m sorry, but $1.9 million? How is she going to feed her kids (if they even collect)? Is it really worth this to prove a point?

That said, she has pretty decent taste in music? What are your thoughts?


  1. liz,

    hmmm. what's the word i'm looking for? oh, yeah: OUTRAGEOUS!

    isn't there a Constitutional ban against excessive fines?

    i'm glad she plans to appeal!


  2. I agree- pay the .99 cents for Itunes and it wasa definitely wrong. But 1.9 Million is ridiculous. She works for an Indian tribe- Come on… she doesn't have that kind of cash.

    Definitely give her a fine- I say $24.00 a song for the $24.00 she downloaded maybe + a fine for the crime itself. But seriously- this country has more heinous crimes to worry about.

  3. Oh dude… I would be in some serious trouble.

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