Like Hearing It From Your Best Friend: The Best Survivor Narrative Since Lucky
John D. Foubert (Stillwater, OK)
January 4, 2011

There are several books on the market today that have been written by sexual assault survivors. "Crash Into Me" stands out among them because of its precise attention to every detail, the quality of the writing that makes you feel like you are sitting down talking with your best friend, and the intensely compelling indictment of the most notorious revictimizing college administration in the nation of rape survivors - the University of Virginia. I worked in the Dean of Student's office at the University of Virginia for several years with every living member of the administration talked about in this book. Everything Liz Seccuro says about them is consistent with my experience there. It is about time someone as brave as she has come forward to tell the truth.

"Crash Into Me" is not only a substantial contribution to the scholarship on rape trauma, it is a must read for everyone who cares about other people. Sexual assault survivors will find themselves in the words of Liz Seccuro's experience. College students will learn more about the reality of campus rape and the systems that aren't always there to help them. Present and future college administrators will learn everything not to do from the way he University of Virginia mishandled most every aspect of the situation. Police officers will learn how to treat a survivor with respect from the heroic actions of the police chief who went back decades later to help right a wrong done so many year ago. Criminologists will get a look into the motivations of a deeply disturbing offender who came back to haunt a woman years after a brutally raping her. Everyone who reads this compelling book will be a better person, a more informed potential juror, and a more empathetic individual for the next rape survivor who decides to open up to them. Everyone should read this book!
Read this before they make a movie of it!
By  Kay Farish (Huntington Beach, California)
January 5, 2011
Wow! "Crash Into Me" is ultimately a story about forgiveness and justice. I have been thinking about this all day after having read the book last night in one sitting. Liz was the victim of a violent CRIME. Liz takes the reader on an unforgettable journey with a jaw-dropping honesty that is rare. I was hooked from the first chapter when I felt as if I were riding in the car with her as she opens the envelope that lay atop the pile of mail in her mailbox. The contents change her life. Her rapist begins a conversation with her 20 years after the fact, asking forgiveness while dredging up the hurt and horror of a rape never atoned for. This story is a page turner filled with riveting detail. Everyone should read it! Are you a parent with a daughter? Read it. Are you a parent with a son? Read it. Are you a victim of rape? Read it. Are you a lover of justice? Read it. Do you lack compassion for those whose lives have been crashed into by rape of some other injustice? Definitely, read it!

About the Author

Author Liz Seccuro

Crash Into Me is Liz Seccuro’s first book. Liz is a victim’s rights advocate and spends time lobbying for important legislature to help support sexual assault victims in the United States.

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